LLP Registration in Chennai

LLP Registration in Chennai

LLP registration in Chennai is important since similar to the company or the corporation LLP acts as a separate legal body. The most important aspect is the LLP formation is based upon the LLP agreement. The partners can devise the agreement as per the choice. If such LLP agreement is not made, then the Act comes into place. The Act governs the duties and the mutual rights of all the partners. In the LLP all the partners are the agents and the actions of one partner do not make the other partner liable. Hence it makes the LLP as the most desired structure

Features of Limited Liability Partnership

The cost of the registration of an LLP is comparatively lesser when compared with other companies.

If the partners withdraw the profit of the company then there is no need to pay the DDT

It is easy to transfer the ownership of the limited liability partnership to other person.

Partners are not liable to charge by the constitution in the name of an LLP.

There is no need to maintain the statutory records except books of accounts

LLP can be started at any minimal amount of capital income, there are no limits.


  • How many designated partners are required in an LLP?

    In an LLP there must be 2 designated partners according to the Section 7 (1) of the LLP Act, 2008.

  • Which form is used to find out the name availability letter?

    For seeking the name availability letter, Form 1 is required to file under the LLP Rule 18(5) of 2009.

  • How long it takes to complete the registration process of an LLP?

    Regarding the Rule 12(1) of the LLP Act, 2008 the time takes for completing the registration of an LLP is 14 days.

  • How much stamp duty is applicable in an LLP Agreement?

    The stamp duty under the respective state stamp Act is applicable for the partnership agreement is payable on the basis of contribution.

  • How long it takes to approve a name in an LLP?

    The time takes to approve a name in an LLP is 7 days from the date of document and payment submission. This is based on the Rule 18(5) of the LLP Act, 2009.